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What we do

There are various levels of editing, depending on what you think your writing needs. A constructive read will look at the subject of the piece, ensuring that it makes sense and you’re using the right terms for your audience.

proofread & copyedit looks for the errors and any improvements that you could make in the language; we’ll highlight things like ‘their’ and ‘there’, check you’re consistent with your terms and just generally do a tidy up.

We will check reference formats as part of our service for essays, dissertations and theses, but will not check the content – we will assume that your page numbers and author names have been inputted correctly!

What subjects do you take?

We will take on any subject! Our specialisms include computing, history, information, creative writing, English, law, nursing & education, and we have particular interests in web development, military history, information studies, criminal law, ancient history and English literature.

For any technical or science-based subjects, we are more than happy to proofread but please contact us to check before requesting a constructive read.

Unfortunately we cannot take on any languages other than English at present. Please let us know on application if you are working in US or UK English.



As items vary so much, please contact us for a quote on your non-fiction item.

We will also take on blog posts and small articles, no matter how short – so if you just need another eye on the piece to make sure you’re making sense, contact us for individual rates.


We aim for a seven-day turnaround, but we’ll agree a timeframe with you that meets your needs. We only charge a small additional fee for quicker turnaround so if you need something in a hurry, contact us!

Contact us with your information for more information on all editing services.

Image from Joel Goldman.