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What we offer

There are various levels of editing, depending on what you think your manuscript needs.

A full edit is the works! We’ll look at overarching plot, characters, genre tropes, language and style, and give you notes on what you could work on. This could be anything from a complete plot rework to minor character tweaks. A beta read is similar to an edit, but looks at the smaller points; we assume you’re happy with the plot and overall style, and so we’ll focus on things like character arcs and continuity details.

Copyediting focuses on the language. We look at how you could improve your sentence structure and dialogue, make your descriptions beautiful and your fights dramatic. And a proofread simply looks for the errors; we’ll highlight ‘their’ instead of ‘there’, check you’re consistent with your names and just generally do a tidy up.

What genres do you take?

We will take on any genre, including erotica, horror, grimdark, sci-fi, fantasy, romance and crime. We have a particular specialisation in erotica and romance, and will also take on fanfiction.

If you have a genre we haven’t mentioned, don’t worry – contact us to check if we’ll take it.

Manuscript lengths

Short story: up to 10,000 words

Novella: up to 50,000 words

Novel: up to 100,000 words

Long Novel: up to 200,000 words. If your manuscript is any longer than this, please contact us to confirm rates.


Full Editing 

£7 per 1000 words

Beta-read & critique

Short story: £50      Novella: £100      Novel: £250      Long novel: £350


Short story: £30      Novella: £75      Novel: £250      Long novel: £300


Short story: £30      Novella: £75      Novel: £200      Long novel: £300


We aim for a seven-day turnaround, but we’ll agree a timeframe with you that meets your needs. We only charge a small additional fee for quicker turnaround so if you need something in a hurry, contact us!

Contact us with your information for more information on all editing services.


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